On Blerdvision

When I published the first edition of Blerdvision, I did so with good intentions, taking it upon myself to shore up an embarrassing dearth of coverage on Black History Month. Black Lives Matter kicked off something akin to a third Civil Rights Movement, and modern publications renewed and redoubled their coverage of all things black, aggressively marketing toward the trend. The site I wrote for did not get the memo.

I handled my first foray into Blerdvision with kid gloves. I wrote a roundabout introduction because my primarily-white audience cannot relate to participating in geekdoms—novels, television, movies, fantasy, sci-fi, comics, video games, anime, tabletop, deckbuilding, collectables and so on—that may not include people who look like they do. As the name suggests, the purpose of Blerdvision was to provide a perspective of what it is like to navigate these geekdoms while black.

At the time that I was the video games editor, had someone pitched my own idea to me, I would have told them that they were too ambitious. I would have made known my skepticism concerning the possibility that one person could do justice to subject(s) of that scope, especially in one article. Nevertheless, I did my best with Blerdvision 2016: Video Games, Blerdvision 2018: Superheroes, and (Blerdvision 2020) Racial Battle Fatigue and the Church, I wish to continue the work that I began. 

Here in my own space that is Blerd Beats, “Blerdvision” is redundant nomenclature, if not also tautological. The very reason I launched this website in the first place is to do this kind of work without needing to tippy-toe around and provide warnings concerning what it is all about. So then Blerdvision here will take on a new meaning that is useful for me in this space, likely television and movies. After all, I have recently watched the first season of Cloak and Dagger, and I Have Thoughts.

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